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Tad Trimnell's original paintings are classified as nonrepresentational abstract--utilizing various layers of oil glazes and thick textures.

The creation of these mixed media paintings involves several steps, and after each step, Tad takes time to stare at the piece in order to calculate his next move:
  1. Tad and brush imageThe painting surface (stretched canvas, panel, etc.) must be primed with a thin layer of gesso. The gesso application is crucial because without it, over time the oil glazes will eventually rot the unprimed surface. Also, the oil glazes will adhere to the gesso better than an unprimed surface.
  2. A mixture of thick gesso and other mixed media areTad adding texture image. now applied with Tad’s hands. During this step, he is carefully keeping in mind all the principles and elements of design, often reacting to the first few shapes of texture placed on the surface. This way Tad can let the painting evolve on its own, without having to try and control every minute detail.
  3. After the second step has dried (sometimes taking up to three days depending on the amount of texture, humidity, temperature, etc.), oil glazes are now brushed on, starting with the lightest hue first, and then progressing to the darker hues.
  4. A few days later, steps two and three are then repeated,Studio image and the layering process of texture and oil glazes begins. When layering, Tad will have to integrate the compulsion to control with his organic, free flowing rhythm of expressionism.
  5. After several layers, the paintings are nearly “finished;” however, time is allowed to completely examine and filter the small details before the work is ready for hanging and to be sold.